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In this article, we have shared some of the most used and effective video formats. If you want to diversify your video content or you are researching what type of video would help you achieve your goals – here are a few more ideas.


Shooting corporate events


There are two options depending on the purpose. Most often, the whole event is filmed and it can be broadcasted live. Two versions are formed from the filmed material – a long one, which shows the whole event, and a short one, like a trailer. The second option is to edit and publish only a short version, depending on preferences and needs.

Depending on the scale of the event, you can use 1-2-3 or more cameras, add a drone that captures aerial shots, or a stabilizer for motion shots.

On the other hand, the corporate events, filmed and distributed among the employees, very well contribute to their commitment to the company, and the emotional connection with the team. Usually, employees who appear on camera and then watch and receive the approval of colleagues feel important to the company.

Customer-focused videos for raising awareness and our team-oriented training videos


We will talk first about the videos for raising awareness aimed at potential customers. When building a brand, we often have to raise the awareness of our audience in the strengths of our products and services, to emphasize the problems we solve, and in some cases, we need to provoke interest in our field of activity. The videos for raising awareness offer an opportunity to send our messages in an easy and engaging way, to position ourselves as professionals, and to train our audience on why they should choose us. Usually, these are 1 to 5-minute videos in which we talk about certain topics. Pictures that describe our story, footage from stock sites, 2D and 3D graphics can be added.

Training videos aimed at our team are produced in a similar format and usually have a longer duration. The big advantage here is that this way educating can be achieved remotely, teams in different cities can be trained at the same time, and employees also have the convenience of watching the videos in their preferred time, including later in the evening or early in the morning.

Product video, product comparison, demonstration


According to statistics, products in an online store that are presented through video have a higher percentage of sales than those that are presented only through photos and text. Consumers prefer to watch the product through video, thus getting a much better idea.

A good guideline for manufacturers and retailers is to shoot more product videos in one day. If products are shot monthly, this would also affect the budget in a positive way for the customer.



This is a very up-to-date format that provides a wide range of opportunities and builds an engaged audience. The most important thing here is to publish regularly and communicate with our audience. We can invite guests, share our knowledge or show the audience how to do something we are good at (for example, how we invest, how to cook with our food, etc.).

We have freedom in choosing the length of the videos, but it is good to choose a specific length and then to follow it. If we start with the format of 5 minutes webcasts – we stick to it. If we want it to be 60 minutes – we should strive for all webcasts to be of a similar length.

The webcast can be live with the option for viewers to comment and receive a response immediately. A good option is to be on record. This is the easier option because it allows several webcasts to be filmed in the same time and we have content for the month ahead. For example, in case we publish 1 webcast per week – we shall shoot 4 webcasts in one day and we have material for 4 weeks.

Advertising video for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube


You know that during videos with high viewing ratings, the platforms run short commercials. YouTube commercials need to be very creative and captivating. Consumers there are over satisfied by commercials. It is important that our target group is very accurate. On the other hand, Facebook (at least for now) does not have the option to skip a commercial during the video we are watching. Here we have a little more time to convey our message.

Stories on Instagram and Facebook are a very good format and our observations show that advertising videos published in stories have a great effect. If your activity is aimed at the end-user and you do not have an Instagram account – I highly recommend you do it! You can see more about social media support here.

These are some of the most used and working video formats. If your topic is interesting, you can look at some other very good formats in part 1 of the topic.

What type of videos are you planning? If you need help choosing a video or clarifying your ideas:

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