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We’ve all heard how useful are the professional and impactful videos that businesses incorporate into their strategy. But what type of video would be appropriate for our specific purposes?

Here are some of the most used and working types of videos and the different goals they accomplish.


Brand video or video business card for our business


Some define the brand video as a corporate film. This type of video tells more about the successes and achievements of our business. Depending on the activity, topics related to the innovative technologies we use may be included; the people behind the particular service or product and their motivation; production process, and more. Brand videos help us create a great first impression and stand out from the competition.

Brand videos are suitable for businesses that work with individuals, as well as for those who provide their product or service to another business. This type of video is usually placed on the “About Us” page on our website, they can be distributed on Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as by events.


Recruitment video


It is also common practice to attract potential employees through a video. The advantage of this format is that potential employees who respond to the video are really impressed and responsive to the environment, people, and activities of the company.

In terms of creation, this type of video has some similarities with brand videos – the script or structure is prepared in advance, we show the office environment and the advantages of working in the company or organization. The video can be uploaded to a suitable recruitment platform, distributed through Facebook advertising and, of course, placed on our website.


Testimonial – an interview with a satisfied client


This type of video is very suitable if we want to increase the credibility of our business, and we have a smaller budget. Video testimonials are interviews with satisfied customers. Customers briefly share their positive experiences with our product or service. I underline – in short. It is best to be with 1-2-3 minutes length, and if they tell a very interesting story and we shoot with at least 2 cameras, we can extend the story up to 5 minutes. Here it is important to capture the sincere emotion of our client.

It is good to have several videos like this on our site. It is advisable to upload and distribute them on the social networks we use, and we can also attach them to e-mails.




This is a nice video format, interesting to watch. It represents the same question or several questions asked to different people – employees, customers, strangers, depending on the purpose. The answers are edited in consequent order. It is interesting to watch because different faces change relatively quickly, there are dynamics in the picture and emotion, as well as in the sound.

It can very well show the company’s values and culture or emphasize a problem for which our business provides a solution. By using inquiry we can diversify regular video content, and provoke reactions and discussion.


Live webcast


Social networks tolerate live videos. With regular publication, the engagement is higher than in other videos. With this type of content, we can easily educate our audience, establish ourselves as an authority in the field, increase our audience and turn our followers into loyal fans who are really interested in our work.


What type of videos do you have experience with? In part 2, expect a few more influential video formats that will help us position ourselves in front of the audience and achieve our goals.

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