Interview with Theodora,

producer and creator of Bright Media Services

How long have you been working as a producer and director and why are you doing this?

My education was focused on film and television directing. I started my very first projects back at the university in 2011-2012. Over the years, I have been part of various productions – we have produced company videos and commercials, documentaries and feature films which have been awarded at international festivals, music videos and TV shows. This extensive experience is very useful in creating videos for businesses, because in addition to technical and producer skills, it allows us to tell our customers stories in an easy and a fascinating way. And nowadays, with the huge amount of videos on YouTube and Facebook, it is important to know how to attract and retain the viewer’s attention.

The reason for me to focus on audiovisual arts is that by doing this you can quite successfully inspire and motivate a lot of people. Many businesses are working so hard to be more useful for people and to grow themselves. Such businesses deserve to have their stories told in an influential way and to positively influence as many people as possible.

What types of videos do you shoot?

We are focused on creating business videos:

  • Brand videos
  • HR videos presenting you as a desired employer
  • Training videos – in-house and to clients
  • Shooting corporate events
  • B2B videos
  • Web videos
  • Marketing videos
  • Product videos
  • Video ads
  • Corporate films
  • Interviews with satisfied customers
  • Product promotions and demonstrations

What results can I expect?

Realistic expectations are that you will receive one or more impactful videos that provoke positive emotions and trust in you and your business. The videos we create are a good way to tell about the successes and achievements of your company, to stand out from the competition, to provoke trust in new partners, customers and employees. You can also conduct company training through some formats. Other formats are suitable for educating potential customers about the benefits of your products and services. And through our favorite HR videos you can present yourself as an excellent and desirable employer. You can certainly expect more inquiries. And of course – a lot of emotions and smiles, both of the colleagues who participate in the video and of the viewers.

How is the price of a video determined?

The main factors that affect the price are the number of videos we will shoot, how long each video is, a smaller or larger shooting team is needed, we shoot with 1-2 or more cameras, are there drone shots and how many shooting days we shall need. You do not need to answer all these questions. After the introductory meeting we will send several suggestions and together we will choose the one that best suits your needs.

It is useful to know that shooting several videos together is much more profitable than shooting in different weeks. As you have seen, there are many types of corporate videos and the budget can vary from BGN 800 for an interview type video or web format up to BGN 4,000+ for a brand video and a corporate film.

As an example, I can share that if a 3-5 minute interview type video + cover shots would cost about BGN 800 with the team, filming and recording equipment, editing, color adjustments and music layout, the recording of 4-5 interviews in one day would cost about BGN 1,600. Because the same team and equipment are involved, only the editing and post-production will increase the cost. In this case, it will cost BGN 320 per a video, and you can publish the finished videos in different weeks, i.e. using the same time you create content for a longer period.

What if you haven’t worked with clients in my industry?

Our team knows very well the processes of creating a professional video. In order for the video to correspond to your brand, to fulfill the goals and to contain your messages – we are conducting an introductory conversation. We shall assist with additional ideas and suggestions, if necessary, of course, so that the video fulfills its purpose in the best way. We have worked with businesses in various fields and I would say that we have 100% satisfied customers.

I have heard that you have experience in creating content for social media channels. Is that correct?

The approach we use in creating videos is based on stories and content told in an interesting and impactful way. Years ago, we found that such an approach works very well when creating content for social networks, including in the form of texts, photos and graphics. Our focus in the development of social media accounts is to maintain and upgrade good levels of organic reach through interesting and useful content. That is, publications without advertising to reach 500-1,000-2,000-10,000 people. This pattern is a bit slower compared to running paid ads, but it creates a base of loyal followers who are really interested and support our business in the long run. It differs from the mass approach and allows our customers to stand out in the sea of content.

It is suitable for B2B and other companies that would like to present themselves as a desirable employer, aim to educate the audience on certain topics or would like their activities to be regularly covered in the media.

Who are your customers?

These are businesses that are aware of the power of video and want to tell their story in an inspiring and impactful way. Whether the goal is to present the company at events, create an excellent first impression in front of new customers, partners or employees, educate the audience, present a new product, service or something else – professionally created video can achieve it. Most often our clients are B2B companies in the field of production from different Bulgarian cities; businesses that plan a long-term online presence through webcasts and other formats; manufacturers and distributors of products; advertising and PR agencies.

Who is the service not suitable for?

I believe that start-ups and micro-businesses that choose on the basis of the lowest cost offer could find enthusiasts in the face of students in universities with a degree in cinema. That would also help students gain some experience. If this is the case, I think it is better for you to search people who can help you at universities.

What sets you apart from the rest in business?

It is extremely valuable for us to keep our customers satisfied and to be really useful in achieving your goals. We welcome the long-term relationship, and our intention is to grow together!

There are more and more companies and freelancers who shoot low-cost videos and create content for small money. Accordingly, they have to work with an extremely large number of clients. Usually their goal is to complete the project quickly and get the agreed payment. Quality remains last. Whether they understood exactly what you want is not clear at all.

For us, the relationship with the other person is very important – to hear and completely understand your goals, to get to know your business well, your motivation and needs. This way, the content and videos we create are a combination of your handwriting and our professionalism.

Do the videos worth the invested resources?

According to statistics, products presented through video reach much more sales than products presented through photos and text.

HR videos are responded to by potential employees who are attracted and impressed by the environment, the team, the values of that particular company whose video they are watching.

Attracting quality staff allows business to growth. Web videos can position you as an authority in front of large audiences and create trust in you and your business. When they will know you and trust you – potential customers will buy from you much easier.

I can go on, but I think the answer is clear.

I would like to emphasize that the examples we are talking about are the professional videos created by specialists in the field.

I would like to work with you. What is next?

Thank you for your trust and congratulations on this decision! The first step is to arrange an introductory conversation, during which we will discuss what you need and how to help you.