Declaration of use of cookies


1. Cookies

In order for this site to work properly, we sometimes store small data files called cookies on your device. Most large websites also use this method.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They allow the website to store your actions and preferences (such as username, language, font size, and other display settings) for a certain period of time so that you do not have to enter them every time you visit the site or go from one page to another.

There are different types of cookies.

Depending on which domain they belong to, there are two types of cookies: first-party (ie the domain visited) and third-party cookies. So-called first-party cookies are cookies that are used by the company that owns the domain from which the cookies are sent. Therefore, Bright Media Services cookies are cookies on the visited domain. If we allow other countries to use cookies through our website or applications, these cookies are called Third Party Cookies.

According to the term of their existence, cookies are divided into session and permanent. Sessions only exist until you close your browser. Persistent cookies have a longer activity and are not automatically deleted after you close your browser.

3. How and for what purposes do we use cookies?

3.1 Types of cookies used on the site. Term of activity

On our site, we use the following types of cookies: the visited domain and session. We strive to use or allow the use of cookies with a maximum activity of 1 year.

3.2 Purposes for which we use cookies

Cookies are used for various purposes. They allow you to be recognized as the same user on all pages of the website, on different websites, or when using an application. Our website uses cookies for various purposes:

3.2.1 Technical cookies: we try to provide our visitors with a modern, easy-to-use website and applications that automatically adapt to their needs and desires. To achieve this, we use technical cookies to show you our website to make sure they work properly to create your profile. These technical cookies are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of our website.

3.2.2 Analytical cookies: we use these cookies to obtain information about how our visitors use our site. This means that we can find out what works well and what can be improved on our website and applications, understand the effectiveness of advertising and communication, and make sure that we continue to be interesting and up-to-date. The data collected may include which web pages you viewed, which pages you were redirected to, which were the landing pages you visited and closed, which types of platforms you used, which emails you opened and for which you took action, and date information, and duration.

This means that we may use data about how you interacted with the website, such as the number of clicks you made on a page, mouse and mouse movements, the words you used in your search, and the text you entered. in many fields. We may use analytics cookies as part of our online advertising campaigns to learn how users interact with our website or applications after seeing an online ad.

4. How to control cookies?

You can control and/or delete cookies whenever you want – see for more information.

You can delete all cookies that are already stored on your computer, and you can also set most browsers to block them. However, if you do this, you may need to manually adjust some settings each time you visit a site, and some services and features may not work.

If you choose not to accept certain technical and/or functional cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our website.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding this cookie statement, please email This Cookie Statement may be updated from time to time. So visit this page often to stay up to date.

5. Consent to the use of cookies

By browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Their acceptance is a necessary condition for the proper functioning of this site.